Chitting, sowing, planting and blossom

It’s the end of March… what happened to February?! Last month clearly went by in a whirl, so this post will condense two months on the allotment. February and March are essentially ‘tidy-up; sort-out; plan and prepare’ kind of months. Not much is growing apart from the tail end of last year’s winter veg, ifContinue reading “Chitting, sowing, planting and blossom”

‘Kiss the Ground’, planning, weeds, and snow

January 2021 – and there was me thinking there wouldn’t be much to do this month… To be honest I haven’t done much physically at the allotment but I have used my time to plan… and order a few things… Apart from the onion, garlic and broad beans that were planted at the end ofContinue reading “‘Kiss the Ground’, planning, weeds, and snow”

Christmas dinner, compost, and new shoots

I’ll start with a confession… I’ve enjoyed not going to the allotment so much this month… Now, many of the die-hards would, I’m sure, look on in disapproval when I say this but I felt I had worked hard up to the end of November and deserved some down time. Of course, you can’t ignoreContinue reading “Christmas dinner, compost, and new shoots”

I’ve been so excited!

The featured image of a sunflower is one I grew a few months ago, and is a bit of colour among all the grey skies we’ve had recently. So much has been happening on and away from the plot that I haven’t had chance to keep on top of the blog, but am just aboutContinue reading “I’ve been so excited!”

The difference a few months makes!

While you are hardening off your young plants in the earlier part of the year, it’s a wise move to do a bit of reading up and work out what conditions each species of plant will need. How much space they will need, what sort of protection they may benefit from, what problems to lookContinue reading “The difference a few months makes!”

Right then, lets do this…

Apologies for the delay in getting this latest blog post published, but life has got in the way a bit lately. As you saw in the previous post, the raised beds were now a much more manageable size for me which meant I could get cracking with the rest of the plot and start sowingContinue reading “Right then, lets do this…”

Operation Raised Beds

Having planted some vegetables in that first bed I was then full of ideas for the rest of the plot, which included making things with our harvested produce. One of the first things I did was make Rhubarb Gin – absolutely delicious and I will definitely make it again. I also tried making Rhubarb MuffinsContinue reading “Operation Raised Beds”

“Are you going to grow anything this year..?”

…asked my allotment neighbour. This is now January 2019, we’d had the allotment for three months and the only things to show for it were the weeds cleared from the fruit, the posts up for the raspberries and the membrane down to kill the weeds. I have since found out that there is an unwrittenContinue reading ““Are you going to grow anything this year..?””