‘Kiss the Ground’, planning, weeds, and snow

January 2021 – and there was me thinking there wouldn’t be much to do this month… To be honest I haven’t done much physically at the allotment but I have used my time to plan… and order a few things… Apart from the onion, garlic and broad beans that were planted at the end ofContinue reading “‘Kiss the Ground’, planning, weeds, and snow”

“Are you going to grow anything this year..?”

…asked my allotment neighbour. This is now January 2019, we’d had the allotment for three months and the only things to show for it were the weeds cleared from the fruit, the posts up for the raspberries and the membrane down to kill the weeds. I have since found out that there is an unwrittenContinue reading ““Are you going to grow anything this year..?””

And so starts the learning curve…

What I learned in the first three months It is all very well having the keys to 170 sq metres of growing space, but now what? It’s a bit like the difference between youngsters who know exactly what they want to do when they leave school and those who don’t. Those that do are soContinue reading “And so starts the learning curve…”